Vandalized ‘vandalized’ used furniture store in Valdosta

Vandalized ‘vandalized’ used furniture store in Valdosta

Posted November 08, 2018 06:17:46 An RV was vandalized outside of a used furniture shop in Valdoa, Georgia, early Friday morning.

The vandalism took place at around 10 a.m. outside of the Walmart at North and Gentry Roads, according to Valdosta Police.

The RV was reported stolen from the property earlier that morning, police said.

The vehicle was reported parked at the Walmart for the night.

Walmart employees were able to locate the vehicle and bring it to a police station for the report of a stolen RV.

The thief was not arrested.

A Walmart spokesperson confirmed the RV was stolen and offered to provide a description.

Police are looking into the circumstances behind the theft.

“We will have a full investigation to determine the cause of this act of vandalism and will take appropriate action,” Walmart said in a statement.

The RV was valued at approximately $1,000.

The store was open on Friday, Nov. 8 at 9 a.g.

The incident remains under investigation.

Tags used furniture,vandalize used,store,vandals,store source Bleachers Report title ‘Vandalized’: RV is being used for ‘vandals’ article Posted October 22, 2018 22:27:21 A Vandalism at a used clothing store in North Carolina on Friday morning has left a store owner in shock and a customer stunned.

This morning, the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources (NCDNR) was called to the Walmart in Valdona after a female reported the theft of a car parked at a store in the parking lot.

NCDNS spokesperson Sgt. Michael Krasner told ABC News that the woman reported that she was at the store with her boyfriend, when they noticed a car that looked like a Ford Ranger and that it had been reported stolen earlier in the day.

Police said that the female suspect, identified as the owner, called the NCDNR and told them that the vehicle was stolen, Krasners said.

They called Walmart and spoke with the female, and Walmart employees located the stolen car and reported it to police.

Krasners added that the stolen vehicle was parked at Northgate Mall, a nearby clothing store.

Investigators are looking to determine what caused the RV to be stolen and whether the theft was motivated by race or religion.

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