What’s wrong with daycare?

What’s wrong with daycare?

The American conservative’s new book, What’s Wrong With Daycare?, has a whole lot to say about the state of daycare in America today.

The book, which was written with Michelle Boorstein, a child care expert, argues that children who don’t have the resources to go to a daycare often end up feeling trapped and neglected.

The author argues that the government’s funding for daycare is being siphoned off by companies like Google and Facebook to the detriment of American children.

“Daycare is a critical resource for children,” Boorsteyn wrote.

“If daycare facilities are too small, there is a huge gap between how much money the government pays and what is being spent on children.”

While she didn’t specifically address Google or Facebook, the author wrote that parents should feel compelled to call the government to complain about their children’s daycare providers.

“Many of these providers are run by private corporations,” she said.

“The public should be outraged.

We are paying for private entities that abuse the public purse to enrich themselves.”

The book goes on to outline some of the negative effects of daycares on American children, from poor academic outcomes to an epidemic of anxiety.

Boorstone says that the book is not a political or philosophical critique of day care, but is more of a call to action to raise awareness about the situation.

She said she thinks the book will resonate with parents because it’s a call for a different kind of education in children.

The daycare industry is one of the most profitable industries in the United States, according to the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative think tank.

It is a lucrative source of income for companies like Alphabet and Facebook.

The book argues that these companies have taken advantage of poor families, with little oversight, to create “corporatized education.”

Daycare workers are often paid a pittance for doing jobs that do not require them to be present for a parent’s child’s care.

In fact, they can be expected to do virtually nothing, Boorston writes.

“We are witnessing an epidemic, one that is not limited to childcare, and it is a national tragedy,” she wrote.

“It is a tragedy that is being allowed to go unaddressed.

Parents are suffering in silence.”

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