How the BBC’s ‘Piercing Window’ has transformed our lives

How the BBC’s ‘Piercing Window’ has transformed our lives

The BBC’s “Pierging Window” programme, which has seen its ratings soar over the past decade, has been transformed in recent years.

Here’s a look at the changes.

Key dates BBC: The BBC was founded in 1917 by the BBC Board of Control to bring new, innovative and creative programming to the UK.

The original series, which ran for nearly 50 years, brought a range of different genres to the BBC including drama, comedy, biographies, childrens programmes and news.

BBC2: In the early 1960s, the BBC brought a “new form of mass entertainment” to the British public, which led to a revolution in the way people viewed television.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, BBC2 became the first British network to be shown in a cinema.

It then became the BBC2 News Hour.

BBC: BBC3 is the home of the world-leading science and culture channel, BBC Three, and the longest running children’s TV series in the world.

BBC4: In 2004, BBC4 was launched, bringing a diverse range of BBC2 children’s programming to a global audience.

It is the only children’s channel in the UK to feature children from the same ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

BBC5: The original BBC series of The Chronicles of Narnia, which was made into a live-action film, was first broadcast in the 1980s.

The series was followed by the award-winning film The Lion King in 1997.

BBC6: In 2017, the world’s most popular children’s series, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, was launched on BBC6.

It was followed in 2019 by a re-imagining of the classic children’s fantasy series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

BBC7: The first series of the hit TV series Top Gear, based on the BBC1 science-fiction franchise, premiered on BBC7 in 2010.

The show became a global phenomenon and has been watched by over 90 million people.

BBC8: In 2019, the series of BBC’s The Big Bang Theory was re-launched on BBC8.

It has become a worldwide hit, with over 30 million people tuning in each week.

BBC9: In 2014, the hit children’s show The Adventures of Pete and Pete was rebranded into BBC’s flagship children’s television series, Peter Pan.

It became a worldwide phenomenon and is seen by more than 1 billion people each week across the globe.

BBC10: In 2020, the re-branded series of Doctor Who became the second-most popular children show on BBC, following the success of The Thick of It.

In 2019 it also became the most watched children’s programme on the planet.

BBC11: In 2021, the first children’s children’s program, The Simpsons, was rechristened The Simpsons Adventures.

In 2018, the show became the highest rated children’s UK program on the day it aired.

BBC12: In 2018 BBC12’s Childrens Hour, which starred the children of five different generations, became the longest-running children’s sitcom on television.

The program was produced by Mark Gatiss, who was the executive producer of Doctor Whos Eyes Were Watching You and later wrote the novels of The Little Mermaid.

BBC13: In 2016, BBC13 was the first UK children’s talk show to be broadcast in a full-screen cinema, and later, the biggest children’s event on TV.

BBC14: In 2015, BBC14, which launched in 2020, became one of the most popular UK childrens programming on TV with over 70 million viewers tuning in.

BBC15: In 2008, the launch of the BBC Trust’s new children’s content strategy, which included an increase in the number of children on screen, and more than doubling the number and diversity of programmes on the channel, saw the introduction of the first series for children.

BBC16: In 2006, the groundbreaking series The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was released to critical acclaim.

The hit series, starring Martin Freeman and Ian McKellen, was made by Warner Brothers.

BBC17: In 2009, the UK launched its new childrens series, Doctor Who, and has since become one of TV’s most successful series.

It premiered in the US in 2017.

BBC18: In 2005, the British childrens channel, ITV, launched BBC18, which featured the first ever children’s drama series, “Doctor Who”.

The series made its US debut in 2019.

BBC19: In 2011, the opening of BBC19, a children’s science-themed series, marked the beginning of a new era for children’s entertainment in the United Kingdom.

It brought the worlds of science fiction and fantasy to life through a brand new world of Doctor who and the rest of the Doctor’s companions, and was watched by millions.

BBC20: In 2010, the second series of Childrens Hospital was launched for children aged six to

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