‘It’s time for us to stop being scared’: A room for ‘tough love’

‘It’s time for us to stop being scared’: A room for ‘tough love’

A room filled with “tough” furniture for the new year is part of a campaign to promote a “love-filled” New Year’s Day.

The New Year theme, which was unveiled at the National Theatre on Thursday, is a nod to the theme of the first four seasons of the hit sitcom “Friends”.

It is one of the most iconic episodes in the series, and its theme song has been used in the video for the show’s fifth season, which has now been released on YouTube.

It has been described as the first-ever “love room” for the theme.

It is not just any room, but a “boulder of love” where people can share their feelings and “greet each other with love”, according to a press release.

The room is also set to be a place where “tougher love” can be shared.

“The theme is about giving love and support, not taking it away,” said a spokesperson for the company that runs the room.

“We hope to show people what the love of a good friend can look like in a love-filled room.”

The “teary eyes” room will have a “tangible reminder of what it means to be loved” and will “celebrate the gift of love”, said the press release, which added that the room will be “a place where people have fun, learn and build friendships”.

The room will include a large window, which will open onto the “tearing down the walls” of the room, which is a reference to the famous scene from the fourth season of “Friends” when Joey and Rachel cry in a room full of broken furniture.

The “love” room is expected to be open to the public from 9am to 4pm on New Year Day, and will be available for $10 a night, which the company says will “give the room an even greater sense of community”.

The “Love Room” will feature “totally new” furniture, and the new design of the window will be inspired by a room in the house where they shared a kiss.

A spokesperson for “Friends”, which was created by the BBC, told The Irish Times that the theme will be the theme for the entire production of the show.

“All of the staff, writers and cast will be involved in the new room, with guests coming in and out through an open window,” she said.

“Everyone will be able to come and go and enjoy the whole show together, with an open, beautiful window to welcome everyone in.”

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